When It Comes To Security, Do You Really Know Who You Are Hiring?

When you’re hiring an outside agency like ours, do you know who will be doing your work?  Do they work full-time for your vendor or is this a hobby or part-time pursuit?  Are they local? Are they available during normal business hours?  Are they from a foreign country?

You might be surprised.  Some of our primary competitors actually off-shore 100 percent of their web coding, information architecture and  “secure” e-commerce or cloud setups.   That means your web site, all of it, is susceptible to agents and workers on foreign soil.  Surprised?  We were too when we heard about it.

With Matthew Alexander Group, the people who work on your projects are U.S. citizens, born and raised.  Some of us have clearances and all of us work right here in the good ole’ USA.  We’re proud to say that 100% of our product is MADE IN AMERICA.

When making your selection of a vendor of choice, ask them if they can promise you that.